What to Do For Fun in Grand Traverse County

Located in Northern Michigan and the main entry port (inland) of the Grand Traverse Bay area, Traverse City is home to about 16,000 people. Tourism is its main industry, with the city playing host to the annual NCF (National Cherry Festival) that draws in about 500,000 visitors every year (The region produces the most tart cherries in the US). In addition, its temperate, warm climate is suitable for growing grapes which explains why the area around the city has over 50 wineries and is also a thriving hub for brewing craft beers. Further, Traverse City also boasts arts and cultural offerings including a local theatre, opera, and film festival; stunning beaches; superior fishing; and a fantastic cycling trail network- all of which are not only popular with visitors, but within the community as well. Below, therefore, we take a look at 3 fun activities to do in Traverse City as follows:

1. Experience family fun at Lucky Jack’s

Locally owned for 50 years, Lucky Jack’s is, undoubtedly, the largest bowling Center in Northern Michigan. Inside these doors, you will encounter 50,000 square feet of boredom busting fun with ball guides and bumper rails where kids of all ages can manage to stay out of the gutters and still score a strike. Need to burn excess energy? Well, test your skills in the arcade or suit up together your young ones for an exciting game of laser tag whilst keeping track of all your activities and points with Lucky Jack’s Fun Card. Thereafter, cash in for your preferred loot.

Lucky Jack’s is renowned for keeping both parents and children happy by not only having a full bar, but some of the best pizza in town as well. It is little wonder that they are variously referred to as the FUN destination in Traverse City.

2. Visit the shooters range

Northern Michigan is, without doubt, a hunter’s paradise and the Shooters Indoor Gun and Archery Range is where people come to hone their skills. Their 8 lane firearm range allows enthusiasts to try before making any purchases and they even offer lessons to those who are new to the sport.

However, if archery is more your style, you can take aim at one of their numerous life-size targets in their state-of-the-art 3D course or alternatively step inside the incredible technoHUNT simulator where you can stalk an animal while on safari. From ammo to guns to arrows and bows enthusiasts at Shooters can compete with any Michigan sportsman/woman. So visit Shooters range- where they definitely aim to please.

3. Tour the wineries

Toast your visit to Traverse City with a sparkling glass of wine at any of the 30-plus wineries that dot the region. Also operating within the city are microbreweries such as Mackinaw, Terra Firma, Acoustic, and North Peak, along with a Grand Traverse Distillery. If you are lucky, you could even catch a glimpse of the World famous wine maker Brian Ulbrich behind the bar where you are likely to be served his latest vintage not to mention a little wit as well. For nights out in the town, places like Kilkenney’s offer an Irish pub atmosphere while The Parlor is renowned for its great cocktails. Lastly, Little Bohemia offers blues, jazz, and exceptional cuisine.