There are a lot of reasons why individuals might be surfing the internet or asking around for the best restaurants in Traverse City, Michigan. This might be due to certain events such as location for a proposal, arranging a vacation around Michigan or simply looking for a good place to eat or just plain looking for a good meal. Here is a brief rundown of some of the best restaurants in Traverse City, Michigan:

1. Harvest

This is a restaurant that serves comfort food and new American cuisines at their best. The good thing about the restaurant is that apart from being in a building, most people who cannot make the journey to the restaurant itself can still get meals from the food truck that is more mobile. The restaurant is located in downtown Traverse City. The menu options range from various dishes with different cultural influences especially Asian. One of the top recommended dishes is the Korean beef tacos for meat lovers. Visit

2. Georgina’s Fusion Cuisine

Georgina’s prides itself with being famous for its fusion between Latin and Asian cuisines. From the Lechon con Mojo to the Puerto Rican Lasagna which are two of the most famous dishes, there will never be a lack in flavour on any plate ordered by a customer. Located at E Front Street, customers can take in the view of the activities of pedestrians while waiting for a meal.

3. The Filling Station Microbrewery

Just from the name of the restaurant, you can already get a feel of the place. The restaurant takes pride in its beer as well as the dishes served alongside them. The beautiful view in front of the Boardman Lake as well as the open patio ensures that customers enjoy a good view while enjoying the meal. The restaurant serves mainly Pizzas and Salads alongside its range of beers. One of the topmost recommended beers is the Huntington IPA. There is a beer menu alongside the food menu so you get the right pairing for each dish ordered.

4. The Towne Plaza

One of the most recommended places in downtown Traverse City is the Towne Plazaddue to its brunch. Aside from the brunch option, one of the top dishes is the pork belly with over a hundred people recommending that on the menu. The restaurant has a wine bar so customers have the option of selecting a glass or bottle of wine to go alongside their meal. The restaurant has a laid back atmosphere as it comes off as being a diner but with a bar. This is a favorite spot, especially for those looking for some quality time with their special ones, thanks to its withdrawn ambience.

5. Red Ginger

This is a restaurant that serves Asian fusion cuisine at its best. From the ishiyaki to the Thai curry, the experience most people seek when searching for Asian dishes is something the Red Ginger provides. Known for its sushi grill and wide array of drinks with the acclaimed Asian touches at the bar, this restaurant has taken the Asian cuisine to a whole new dimension.