History of Traverse City First Settled in 1839

Traverse City is located in the city of Michigan in the United States. It is only a small part of Michigan but it makes its way into Leelanau County. It has been said that it is the biggest city in the Northern area of Michigan.
Traverse City was given its name after a bay. This bay was known as the Grand Traverse Bay. This is an area where the city governs. The bay was named during the eighteenth century by some French travelers. The first permanent settlement in the bay was made during the year 1839. A man named Rev Peter Doughty began this settlement.

During 1849, the head of the western arm area of Boardman River land was purchased. Captain Boardman from Naperville in Illnois made this purchase. In the same year, one of his children, and some of their workers decided to begin building a sawmill and dwelling. This building took place at the mouth end of the river. During 1851, these buildings were sold to a company called Hannah, Lay and Co. It was this company who made some great improvements to these buildings. This made for an excellent investment for further settlers who resided in this region.

First Post Office in History

The first post office in the area was opened during 1853. This was situated at Old Mission that used to be named “Grand Traverse”.

The very first rail service in the area started in the month of December in 1872. This provided some excellent opportunities for further settlement and allowed for further industrial developments.

During 1895 Traverse City has been under the Home Rules Cities Act. There is one mayor and six commissioners who govern the area. These people elect a manager for the city who takes care of the operations of the city.

These days there are a very large number of schools and other education facilities in the area. These also include at least thirteen different public elementary schools.

Historical and Notable Events in Michigan

Since Traverse City was founded, there have been many notable events. Some of these events include: The National Cherry Festival, and The Asparagus Festival.

The National Cherry Festival

The National Cherry Festival started during the year 1925. It was then known as the Blessing of the Blossoms Festival.

This usually took place during the beginning of May. It was designed to bring tourists to the area to have a look at the cherry blossoms that were coming out. This festival was then given its current name during 1931. The Festival began to be hosted by the many wineries in Old Mission Peninsula. It runs over two days. The aim of it is to advertised and celebrate the delicious cherries that are grown in the area.

The Asparagus Festival in Traverse City

The Asparagus Festival is a festival that runs over there days during the month of May. This event allows visitors to discover more about asparagus. Visitors can try a wide range of asparagus recipes out and even participate in a cook off. Other enjoyable activities at this festival include: the Dance and Pig Roast, the 5K Kick Ass-paragus Fun Run or Walk, a Foot Golf Tournament and much more.