Traverse City is found in Michigan and when anybody hears of Michigan what runs through their minds is auto-manufacturing. This is because the visuals of blue collar employees in American factories are usually very busy introducing latest models from General motors to Ford. This is an American knowhow and innovation impression. However, the motor industry has a different look from how it appeared when Americans dominated the industry. Auto industry, however, is still among the strongest industry of Michigan’s economy.

However, there are other economies in Traverse City, Michigan apart from the motor economy. The auto industry has gone through massive change and in the same way and magnitude, Michigan has dramatically taken steps towards reinvention. Below are three of the strongest Traverse City economy boosters. They play a great role in fueling the economy.

3. Tourism

Traverse City is found in the Northern part of Michigan. The northern land comes various limitations when it comes to agriculture. However, it is a place that is rich in natural resources and it makes it marketable in terms of recreation. Traverse has shallow rock soils, rock outcrops, rugged hills, inland lakes, streams, sandy plains and extensive swamps. Michigan’s tourist industry is highly contributed by the Northern part among them Traverse.

In terms of money, tourism comes second from the automotive industry. During both winter and summer, tourism is a key industry. The city is rich in natural attractions among them; national lakeshore, numerous forests, downhill skiing areas, vineyards and fresh water beaches. Actually, in the United States, Traverse City is the second small town travel destination. In the year 2012, Traverse City was among the top 10 best locations to retire in America.

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2. Tart cherries production

It is a known fact that tart cherries are highly produced in Traverse City than any other part of United States. This City is highly affected by moderating and strong effects of Grand Traverse Bay and Lake Michigan. This brings a noteworthy effect, especially, at the north of the city on the peninsulas. Due to this, the city highly engages in cherry orchards and viticulture. Every time that the harvest season approaches, there is a week- long National Cherry Festival that is held yearly. This usually happens during the first week of July. This is one of the events that draws numerous tourists from outside and within, in this city. Around the countryside, grapes production takes place making this city one of the main centers where wine production takes place in Midwest.

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1. Automobile industry

No one can really deny that Traverse City has the motors industry as one of the biggest in the City. Ford has come back after the industry being bailed out. This is an industry that creates numerous jobs throughout the years for the citizens of this city. Since the year 2005, this City introduced cars into the market at a faster rate than any other year before. This city has invented great and cozy vehicles that are now selling all over the world. Being located in Michigan, you could not expect anything less from it. The automobile industry is one of the economies that bring enormous income to the city.

Those are the top three Traverse City economy boosters. There are other main ones like fishing and general agriculture, but if you take a closer look, you will realize that these three highly contribute to this city’s income.